The Geyserlink system was designed and developed in South Africa and it is backed by an extensive background in the plumbing industry. Our factory complies to the highest industrial standards with ISO 9001 accreditation, ensuring that you receive the highest quality product made from durable materials.

Burst geysers catch many unsuspecting homeowners completely off guard, causing damage to their property and resulting in unexpected expenses. The Geyserlink system not only helps to prevent damage, but also takes away the element of surprise by sending an SMS alert to the home owner.

No more nasty surprises!


Geyserlink is an electronic device that helps to minimize damage to property, by isolating the power and water to the geyser as soon as a problem is detected. Geyserlink also enables home owners to have complete control over their geyser management, which results in massive electricity savings. Due to the bi-directional capabilities of Geyserlink, home owners can control their geysers directly from their mobile phone or by using our customised web-based platform. This means you will have complete control over your geyser management – anywhere in the world. If you want peace of mind and massive energy savings, the Geyserlink unit should be your first choice! Contact us today for more information on the Geyserlink system and the benefits it provide.