Why should I use the Geyserlink system?

Geyser leaks or bursts are stressful for many homeowners. Not only because of the unforeseen financial setbacks caused by a damaged or malfunctioning geyser, but also because this can lead to other major problems. Water from a damaged geyser can result in serious damage to parts of your home, such as ceilings, carpets and even furniture; damage can also be caused to irreplaceable sentimental items.

But even worse than this – a burst geyser can cause serious injury as well as structural damage to your home. This is where the Geyserlink system comes in. Real-time monitoring allows for the shutdown of a geyser if any problems are detected. With this around-the-clock monitoring system, you can be rest assured that your geyser is effectively monitored when you are not home. The notification system also makes it easier for insurance brokers and technicians to prepare estimates for repairs.

In today’s unstable economy, cost savings are critical for any household. Using the Geyserlink system will result in a reduced electricity consumption, which leads to significant cost savings. All of this can be achieved from the palm of your hand. By either using your mobile phone or our web-based system, you can now dramatically reduce your electricity consumption.

How will I save money using the Geyserlink system?

A geyser can account for more than 30% of your total electricity consumption per month. Through extensive testing and research, using the Geyserlink system for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening, you will have sufficient hot water for the whole family.

Due to the bi-directional capabilities of the Geyserlink system, home owners can control their geysers directly from their mobile phone or by using our customised web-based platform. This is not only good for the environment but it is also good for your pocket.

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Consequential damage from a burst geyser can result in thousands of Rands being spent on ceiling replacements, new carpets and even sentimental items. Even if you are insured, the cost of your excess payment will be through the roof. Using the Geyserlink system will result in significant cost savings for any home owner.

How long will the installation take?

Installation of the Geyserlink system will take approximately 30 minutes by our trained and accredited installers. All parts needed for the installation, as well as an installation guide will be provided in a sealed box. The Geyserlink system is based on the SANS 10254 government legal geyser installation; any additional labour required to achieve this will result in a longer installation time.

The installer will test the system, but it is up to the home owner to register as quickly as possible to benefit from the power of the Geyserlink system. The installer will issue the homeowner with a unique unit number and warranty card that will be used for registration.

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Will I be able to contact my Geyserlink if I am out of the country?

Each Geyserlink unit is equipped with a Siemens Quad Band GSM modem. This allows you to easily communicate with the device anywhere in the world, provided there is a mobile signal available. Geyserlink operates through every network service provider in South Africa, allowing complete peace of mind in knowing that if a network is down, you will still be able to communicate with your Geyserlink.

Due to the fact that the Geyserlink system operates on a web based platform, you can access your account anywhere in the world. You also have the ability to set a monthly timer via the platform, allowing real-time communication and exact settings to be managed.

How will I know if my Geyserlink is working?

Due to Geyserlink’s bi-directional communication capabilities, your Geyserlink will be in constant communication with our control centre. Any lack of communication or box tampering will be red flagged immediately and you will be contacted via email and SMS.

If you send an SMS to your Geyserlink system, a confirmation SMS will be returned to you, to ensure that the function requested has been performed. Through our web based platform you may also log in to see the status of your Geyserlink.

What is the warranty on my Geyserlink unit?

Each Geyserlink unit comes standard with a one year warranty. If the product malfunctions due to a manufacturing defect, the unit will be replaced immediately. The warranty is valid, providing that your geyser has been fitted in accordance to the SANS10254 government installation mandate and that the Geyserlink unit has also been fitted correctly.