Once you have ordered your Geyserlink unit, a registered installer will contact you to arrange for an appropriate installation date. Please register before the installer arrives, as you will be issued with a unique activation code. This code must be given to the installer upon installation, enabling your Geyserlink system to be activated and become live on our system.Register on our website.


Upon registration you will receive a unique activation code, user name and password. You will be able to log on to the Geyserlink web-based control platform via the website, and view your account anytime and anywhere – around the globe. You will be able to set a monthly timer and view the electrical cost savings that you have accumulated using the Geyserlink system.

You will also be able to submit two mobile phones numbers which will receive messages from your Geyserlink system. Via your mobile phone, you will have the ability to send SMS commands directly to your Geyserlink system. This allows you complete control over your geyser and also allows you to reduce the electricity usage of your geyser. The power is in your hands!

The installation of your unit will take approximately 30 minutes. You will provide the installer with your unique activation code and he will contact our command centre. You Geyserlink system will be activated and you will receive a confirmation message. Welcome to Geyserlink!

You will now be live on the Geyserlink system. If a leak is detected you will receive a descriptive message alerting you that a leak has been detected. The power and water to your geyser will be turned off immediately. You will be notified where the leak has been detected and instructed to contact a qualified plumber immediately.


You will have the ability to control your Geyserlink directly from your mobile phone. By sending the command “GL unit number POWEROFF” via SMS, you will turn off the power and water supply to your geyser and receive a confirmation SMS. By sending the command “GL unit number ON” you will turn on the power and water supply to your geyser and receive a confirmation SMS.

The Geyserlink system has been manufactured to the highest industrial standards and only the best parts are used in every unit. If you have a problem or query regarding your Geyserlink unit, please contact us. Our contact details are available here.