Geyserlink Mobile

Geyserlink has a unique feature of bi directional communication.  You now have the ability to control your Geyserlink directly from your mobile phone. In today’s economy the ability to save on electricity costs is critical.

With Geyser link, you have the ability to turn your geyser on or off. Whether you are stuck in a traffic jam or relaxing on the beach, you now have the ability to control your geyser directly from your mobile phone

The advantages of Geyser mobile are as follows:-

·         Ability to turn your geysers power and water off at any time

·         Emergency alerts will be sent directly to you immediately if a leak is detected. This not only gives peace of mind but increases the turnaround time for repairs  as problems  can be identified immediately

·         On completion of a command you will receive a confirmation SMS to verify that the command has taken place.